Monday, May 26, 2014

Edible Carpeting

 4 Dinners for 15 people designed to interpret the history and act of Greek carpet weaving. The dinners took place in modern houses in Athens and in a traditional carpet workshop in Chania (Crete).

Colored pasta symbolized the colors of yarn

Kazan dibi millefeuille was served  with kumquat cream

 I made breads in the shape of snake and horn ram which were common motifs in carpets from Asia Minor. Snakes and horns are symbols of immortality and power.
Dishes from Asia Minor where the Greeks were active in both the marketing and production of carpets  ' told stories" about those who worked the knots of carpets with unimaginable skill, incorporating their joys and sorrows, their fears, their customs and their beliefs, dragging us into magical worlds .

A little taste of the menu :

Pasta  involved with colored vegetables symbolizing the colors of yarn.
Lamb , beef and sausage in pastry crust .
Veal cheeks with nuts: a recipe from Asia Minor .
Dried fruit ribbons were served with goat cheese and quince compote .
Kazan dibi millefeuille was served  with kumquat cream.

and many more ....

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