EDIBLE NARRATIVES (Creative Culinary Events)

 Food as symbol, metaphor and allegory.

Last Supper
A Taste of Crete
Secret Victorian Dinner
FromYesterday's Fears to Today's Delicacies
Edilbe tree~ A tale of immigration
Travelling back in time:
Edible carpeting
My life on a plate

Last Supper 

A multi-sensory food experience.


Secret Victorian Dinner 
The event meant to recreate historical dishes in a mysterious way bringing to life other spaces and times.


Edilbe tree~ A tale of immigration.

A tree of wishes, hopes and memories  'told' the story of Agata Bassi's life.

4 branches were made from sweet and sour dough. They symbolized the pure joy, the abundant love, the laughter and the tears.

Saffron- colored edible paper

Children songs and magic verses by which evil spirits were kept away
 were written on edible paper.

Travelling back in timeA series of dinners that combine sounds, images, and aromas seeking to provide a participatory, synaesthetic reimagining of the ancient Greek and Byzantine cuisines and an unusual experience of food.

My life on a plate: Α series of 6 dinners. Through food and tales, the diners explored the immigrant experience and some of the influences of immigrants on Greek cuisine . 

Flavored sugar crystals, symbol of Anastasia's snowy homeland .
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Edible carpeting: 4 Dinners for 15 people designed to interpret the history and act of Greek carpet making. The dinners took place at modern houses in Athens and at a traditional carpet workshop in Chania (Crete).

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