Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eating in Ancient Greece.

If you would like to register for this class please contact us through or fill out the Booking Form  to send you payment instructions and information.  

A brief introduction to food, cooking methods and trade routes of Classical Greece will be followed by a dipping back into its cuisine. Using Athenaeus’ «Deipnosophistai» * and archaeological research data as inspiration, class will enjoy learning how to reproduce ancient Greek recipes both in modern kitchens and according to experimental archaeology.
After the cooking the team will eat what it has been prepared.

Blood sausages: the ancient Greek aimatitis hordi and omathia of the later years.

Numbers are limited to  8 participants, so that your experience is as hands-on as possible. Minimum attendance: 2 cooks.  
The class lasts around 4 hours  and the price is € 100 per person.

  • The lessons are given in English and Greek but some lessons can also be arranged in French and German.
  • The majority of classes include a complete meal and one glass of wine. Additional wine is available for purchase by the glass or bottle. 

Different themes and recipes are available depending on the products of the season and request. 

Children of all ages can be involved in cultural and nutritional learning through cooking. Of course, not only do they learn to make interesting menu items, they also get to eat them.
Remember that these classes require that each child be accompanied by an adult!

*A compilation of hundreds of ancient Greek works on food, drink, manners and customs.

You can also hire me to create a period cookery course for you or for you and your friends, in the privacy of your own home.
If you like, create your own group of  3 or more people and I will arrange a class just for you.

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