EDIBLE HISTORY (History-themed dinners)

The Edible History Project is a sequence of historical dinners and food talks. 
This is a selection of dinners I have been preparing the last 3 years.
Please click on the photos!

Imagining the Minoan Gastronomy
(Archaeological Museum of Chania)

A taste of Roman Gaul (Archaeological Museum of Chania)

A gastronomic journey back in time. (Friends of Museum & Archaeological site of Delphi)

Roman tastes for modern palates

(Association of Greek Archaeologists)


Byzantine flavors: (Association of Greek Archaeologists)

Ancient Greek vegetarian dishes
(Avocado restaurant, Athens)

Going Hellenistic 
(Evmaros,  Athens)

Going Byzantine(Evmaros, Athens)


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Greek Culinary  History & Cooking Adventures are open to interesting creative collaborations.
For information please contact mkavroulakis@gmail.com

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