We regularly provide catering for historical dinner parties in museums, art galleries, companies and private homes across the country and abroad. 
We also can arrange a  Venetian breakfast of 17th century or an Ottoman  breakfast of 16th century just for you.

Cheese made with fig- juice rennet.

Ancient Greek plakous (fine wheat flour, honey, cheese). It was made for  theAthenian Muse.

Ottoman keskul (almond pudding)

The last NARNIA training course was organized by THETIS Authentics and was held in Athens. 
Bread, cheese, chickpeas and myttotos were prepared according to ancient techniques.

Ancient bread prepared for an event at Iniohos Hotel.

Renaissance dinner. 
Salads were by custom served after the roasts. Although their dressing was similar to the modern ones, their content was different: salads included raw herbs, raw and cooked vegetables,  liver and brains of poultry.

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