Monday, May 26, 2014

Travelling back in time

A series of dinners that combine sounds, images, and aromas seeking to provide a participatory, synaesthetic reimagining of the ancient Greek and Byzantine cuisines and an unusual experience of food.

Three of them explored the taste and flavors of what rich and fashionable Hellenistic Greek society might have eaten after the campaign of Alexander the Great. The food events  also explore the impact of new foods on ancient palate and the effect of ancient tastes on modern palate through a food culture experience that employs smell, touch, taste and sight. (Paris, 20/06, 29/06, 10/07 2013)

Mini cookie- dough balls imitating ancient Greek ceramic beads

Just a small glimpse from the menu:
Tuna steak served with myttotos (a sauce based on garlic, leeks, honey and cheese).
Streptikios artos (twisted bread, baked in a reproduction of pnigeus, a portable earthenware oven)
Roast chicken on a bed of bread.
Piglet stuffed with thrushes, eggs, bulgur and oysters.
Home made cheese served with honey and sesame seeds.... and many more

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