Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Secret Victorian Dinner

An extaordinary Victorian dinner took place in the magic garden of Metohi Kindelis. Historical dishes were  recreated  in a mysterious way bringing to life other spaces and times.
Edible illusions provoked imagination and appealed to the eyes and the stomach.

Semi-darkness modifies sensory perceptions  and forces us to explore the ways in which we experience both the nocturnal landscape and  the food. 

Photo credit: Iosif Petrof
The entrance of the garden

Jellified gin and tonic with floating cucumber and lemon jest
Eat it before entering the garden

Photo credit: Iosif Petrof
Flavour of magic
Coctail served with a straw
(alcohol and herbs)

Photo credit: Iosif Petrof
The most aromatic soup
Mulligataway soup  in a teacup. It was accompanied by rice-curry pudding.
(Soup: chicken, carrot, onion, celery, mace, herbs, parsley, bay leaf, curry, flour, butter)

Fish pies
(fish, shrimps, onions, garlic, sultanas, mace, porto wine)

Mystery in the Wonderland
Mysterious creatures  in edible gardens.
Nothing was what it is, because everything was what it isn't.

Photo credit: Iosif Petrof
Ice cream. Of course!


When: Saturday July 5, 2014.
Time: 21.00

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