Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pie making

Pie making is  inseparably connected with Greek culinary tradition.

Ancient Greek plakous made with wheat, milk, fresh cheese and honey.

Sarantopitta is made with 40 leaves of dough  (saranta= 40)
This class centers around both savory and sweet pies- from ancient ones  such as plakous to pies from 19th and early 20th century- and regional delicacies such as  zucchini pie, small wild green pies, breadmeat, boureki, sesame pie and more (Pies vary depending on the season).

Class learns to make a simple home made phyllo dough, cornmeal layer and also works with commercial phyllo to make savory and sweet snacks and main courses.

Sesame pie

Numbers are limited to 8 participants, so that your experience is as hands-on as possible.
Minimum attendance: 3 cooks.
Non-cooking guests are welcome to accompany cooks and then join in the meal which follows each class.

The class lasts around 4 hours  and the price is 90 per person.

  • The lessons are given in English and Greek but some lessons can also be arranged in French and German.
  • The majority of classes include a complete meal.

You can also hire me to create a period cookery course for you or for you and your friends, in the privacy of your own home.
If you like, create your own group of  3 or more people and I will arrange a class just for you.

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