Sunday, January 5, 2014

Roman Tastes for Modern Palates

 A Roman inspired dinner at the Association of Greek Archaeologists (June 2012)

Cabbage with cilantro, vinegar, honey, asafetida (credit: G.Detsis)

Mixtura cum nucleis pineis (credit: G.Detsis)

Ιsicia omentata
Gustum de curcubitis
'Salad' with cucumber and watermelon, flavored with pepper, honey, vinegar, garum and pennyroyal.
Μixtura cum nucleis pineis
Pea puree
Bread made from triticum spelta flour
cabbage with coriander, asafetida, vinegar and honey
Piglet  in wine and fig sauce 

Cooked bulgur
Cretan gastris

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