Friday, January 19, 2018

Get Your Nose Ready

What do abandoned houses smell like?

Tour focusing on smell, which is one of the most underestimated senses. Food markets, bakeries, coffee shops, gardens, public spaces and streets afford a rich combination of smells that not only they help you to deepen your experience of the past and present of the city but also can transport you in time and place.
Smells of an ancient kitchen. 
Learn what Chania smelt in 16th and 19th century. 
Enjoy a food history lesson made almost of smells. 
Learn which smells have been brought by the immigrants
Smells, flavors, exchange of ideas, funny stories, tastings.
WHEN: Upon request with at least 2 days' advance notice.
TIME: Tours start at 9.00 am
DURATION: Approximately 2 hours in length.
MEET: In front of  Chania Town Hall.

DRESS: Wear casual and comfortable shoes and clothing.
CAPACITY: 2-8 guests.

* Avoid this sensory walking tour when you have a cold and, in particular, when you have a hangover. You simply won’t experience it in the same way*

Kydonias 29, Chania. In front of Chania Town Hall

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