Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas and New Year Food Walking Tour of Chania

Go where locals go to shop for Christmas and New Year's Eve specialties. Learn about the foods of the Fast before Christmas.  Visit some of most favorite shops and enjoy regional delicacies and sweets while I tell you, legends, and stories about Cretan Christmas and New Year culinary culture, rituals, symbolic practices and tales about celebrations during war and far from home.
Since Arabs, Ottomans Jews, Venetians, Greeks from Asia Minor, and immigrants have passed through Chania, adding their flavors to the local cuisine, you will also learn about their impact on the festive cuisine of the city.

December, 8-24 and 27- 31.
January 3-8


In front of Chania's Town Hall 
( 29Kydonias Street 73135 )


  • Fotokollyva (mixture of wheat berries, seeds and nuts).
  • Bougatsa (a kind of cheesy/milky pastry pie)
  • Lenten foods (and a short lesson on the fasting rules- and taste- of the Byzantine diet) 
  • Christmas bread made according to 18th century recipe.
  • Traditional Cretan Christmas bread.
  • Cooked and cured pork delicacies [Traditionally in the Cretan Christmas table, pork is mainly used and this is due to the Choirosfagia (sacrificial pork)]
  • Local cheese

The array of Christmas and New Year sweets:

  • Ashure (boiled wheat, spices, nuts, sugar~ 19th century recipe) 
  • Pastry swaddling clothes of Jesus (thin ribbons of fried dough soaked in honey syrup)
  • Loukoumades(deep fried balls of dough soaked in honey)

  • Melomakarona (biscuits with honey syrup and walnuts)
  • Kourabiedes (buttery biscuits)
                                             PRICE: 100 euros per person

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