Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Upcoming Events

Where/when: Paris, August 29 | 20.30
                     Chania / Crete, August 27 | 20.30.     September 6, 10, 14 | 20.30
                     140 euros per person  

Ancient Greek Gastronomy Experience

Savor an ancient Greek menu from 3rd century BC.
Meet a storyteller who will take you on a journey to the hellenistic years. 
Explore ancient food through synaesthesia, engaging more senses than simply taste. 
Enjoy a unique experience learning many things abouth ancient Greek gastronomy. 

Hors d’ oeuvres: cabbage, cucumbers, apples, pomegranate seeds; black olives marinated in honey and vinegar; mushrooms with oxymeli ( a boiled mixture of honey, vinegar and water). 
Main course: Piglet stuffed with chicken breasts, roast thrushes, fig-peckers, paunches and yolks of eggs. It is served with emmer bulgur. Bread, made with flour, a little milk, olive oil and grape must. The baking is done using a reproduction of an ancient portable oven called klivanos. 
Dessert: "plakous", an ancient Greek cake made with fine flour, fresh goat-cheese and thyme honey.

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